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by Moisés Kaufman

Gross Indecency Playbill

In April 1895 Oscar Wilde brought a libel suit against the Marquess of Queensberry, the father of his youthful lover, who publicly maligned him as a sodomite. In doing so, England’s reigning man of letters set in motion a series of events that would culminate in his run and imprisonment. For within a year the bewildered Wilde himself was on trial for acts of “gross indecency” and-implicitly-for a vision of art that outraged Victorian propriety.

In this smash Off-Broadway hit, Moisés Kaufman turns the trials of Oscar Wilde into a riveting human and intellectual drama. Expertly interweaving courtroom testimony with excerpts from Wilde’s writings and words of his contemporaries, Gross Indecency unveils its subject in all his genius and human frailty, his age in all its complacency and repression.






“Theatre doesn’t get any better than this.”

-Entertainment Weekly

“A Wildean triumph. Absolutely gripping. Sharply intelligent. A Must See.”

-Ben Brantley, The New York Times

“Thrilling… unforgettable, maybe even life changing… [It has] the inevitability and much of the monumentality of a Greek tragedy.”

-USA Today

“A dazzling coup de théåtre, at once compelling history and chilling human drama.”

-Time Magazine

“Stunning…taut, shattering, yet delightfully exuberant… altogether fascinating.”



Michael Emerson*Michael Emerson

Oscar Wilde

Bill Dawes

Lord Alfred Douglas, Narrator 7

Robert Blumenfeldrobertblumenfeld_accents_northam

Queensberry, Gill, Lockwood, Narrator 8

Trevor Anthony

Clarke, Others, Narrator 6

John McAdams*

Carson, Narrator 5

Greg Pierotti*

Narrator 1, Wood, Shaw, Others

Andy Paris*andy_paris_headshot_final

Narrator 2, Atkins, Wright, Others

Troy Sostillio

Narrator 3, Parker, Harris, Others

Greg Steinbruner

Narrator 4, Mavor, Marvin Taylor, Others

Creative Team

MOISÉS KAUFMAN (Playwright & Director)
KITTY LEECH (Costume Design)
BETSY ADAMS (Lighting Design)
WAYNE FROST (Sound Design)
RACHEL PUTNAM (Production Stage Manager)
KEVIN P MCANARNEY (Press Representative)

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