Tectonic Theater Project




Moment Work Training Lab Intensives

Level 1

Introduction to Moment Work:

Exploring the Elements of the Stage

Tectonic Training Lab

In this Lab, participants actively engage with the non-textual elements of the stage — exploring lights, sound, costumes, movement, character, and architecture — to discover their full theatrical potential and inherent poetry.

The Goals:

1) Encourage all participants to think theatrically, discovering the multitude of ways that the elements of the stage can communicate without text.

2) Participants gain insight into how to analyze and critique the work from a practical and theoretical Moment Work perspective.

Level 2

Using Moments to Create a Narrative



Based on a theme chosen by Tectonic, participants in Level II are encouraged to continue an active dialogue between their theatrical ideas and the elements of the stage. Participants direct their own thematic Moments by starting with a piece of text, a simple phrase of music, an image, or a body of research and incorporating all of the elements of the stage to build a sequenced and layered work.


Check back for information on the next series of Moment Work Training Labs and the

Moment Work Book, published by Random House in spring 2017!