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Upcoming Moment Work Training Labs

Coming from Random House books in April 2018: “Moment Work: Tectonic Theater Project’s Process of Devising Theater”

Moment Work was created by Moisés Kaufman and members of Tectonic Theater Project during the development of Tectonic’s first two plays, “Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde” and “The Laramie Project,” and it has been at the heart of every Tectonic work since. Moment Work is a groundbreaking devising method that explores the theatrical potential of all the elements of the stage (props, sounds, architecture, lights, costume, etc.) in order to create strong dramatic narratives. Moment Work utilizes all the elements of the stage on equal footing, encouraging designers, actors, writers, and directors to collaborate on an investigation of the full narrative and sensory potential of the stage.

Moment Work Professional Development Intensive

Tectonic Training Lab


This training is for college professors and high school teachers seeking to expand their knowledge of an hands on experience with Tectonic Theater Project’s devising method, Moment Work. This two week intensive will train teachers in Moment Work, giving them the tools to teach the method in their own classrooms and devise anything from moments to full plays with their students. Upon successful completion of the program, candidates will receive a  Diploma of Completion from the Moment Work Institute’s Teacher Training Program.

June 18-22, Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm

NYC Midtown

Tuition: $4,000

Applications can be found here.

Acceptance is on a rolling basis, an early application is encouraged. Final deadline April 15th.

Advanced Moment Work Master Class with Moisés Kaufman



Directors, devisers, and playwrights are invited to submit 15 minutes of original work for consideration for this rare opportunity. Four artists will be selected to work one-on-one with Artistic Director Moisés Kaufman on a new piece in progress. Each artist will work with Moisés over two sessions, with time in between to incorporate his feedback.

April 23, 24, and 30 and May 1, 6pm-10pm

NYC Midtown

Tuition: $2,000

Applications can be found here. Application deadline: March 15th, 2018.

Observership opportunity– In addition to those artists whose pieces will be workshopped with Moisés, there will be a limited number of observers allowed in the workshop. Those observers with prior Moment Work experience will be encouraged to give feedback and join in discussion.

Tuition for observing: $150. Signups will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please email education@tectonictheaterproject.org to register.


Los Angeles Moment Work Training Lab


Learn Moment Work levels 1 & 2 – an introduction to Moment Work and the elements of the stage and an exploration of how to use Moment Work to create narrative. Training labs are open to all artists who seek new ways of creating work and of reimagining existing texts.

June 15-17 at Highways Performance Space at the 18th St Arts Center in Santa Monica. Lead by Moment Work Institute faculty member Elizabeth Cazenave.

Tuition: $1,400

Application can be found here.

For information on our future labs, please sign up for our mailing list here.